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The song seemed to last forever which was ok with both of them as they were pretty happy right where they were when the song was over she wispered in his ear she wanted to go she wanted to fuck him right there but instead they returned to the bar for one more drink and again it was waiting for them and so was the bartender he wanted to see that pussy again I think she liked him seeing it as much as she liked showing it to him, he was probally around there age and a little rugged looking which Marie likes she likes that marlboro man look if you will and he like Jayson had that look
. The bartender whos name was Mat went back to eating her pussy while Jayson and there waiter Joe continued to suck her nipples she threw her head back she had never before felt what these three men were making her feel. Later the club got really full and they danced some more until they needed a drink when they got to the bar the bartender set there drinks on the bar he had seen them coming and was ready, Marie sat down and pulled her dskirt up enough the bartender could get another eye full, she had a beautiful pussy shaved as smooth as those sweet legs leading to it with bright pink lips and a clit that stuck out like a little hard cock waiting to be sucked and she really liked it to be sucked . . Sometimes my finger tips touched her dripping slit


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Pin-Up Lady Supports Army

Kodama Rumi
Que pedazo de hembra. Quien pudiera cogerla @Kitano Mina
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Que rabo gostoso
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Mi farei sfondare da entrambi
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Awesome !!!