OvGuide tgirl anal Smashers - Scene 5 Dirty

OvGuide tgirl anal Smashers - Scene 5 Dirty play

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She opened her legs and l eased my shaft fully into her warm sticky hole to start fucking my sister Tina, each time l thrust into her juice hole Tina took a sharp intake of breath and as the fucking of my sister got faster the louder her pants and whimpers became, l gave a hard deep thrust of my cock inside her and shot my first load inside her then before she got the second load my sister Tina yelled ‘take it out, take it out’, l quickly slid my spunk dripping cock from her hole and carried on shooting the rest of my sticky load over her pussy hairs and belly


. 30pm the latest, l put my arm around her and we began kissing then lifting her top l raise her bra to reveal Sasha’s tits which weren’t fully developed, but if she was going to take after Annie her mother than she had plenty of growing to do. It was about 10pm when Annie told Sasha she should be in bed as she had school in the morning before Sasha left she mentioned that she wouldn’t be going to the cinema the coming Friday to see Rocky III as her friend had let her down, l said l would go with her as l enjoyed the other Rocky’s then l asked Annie if that was alright, Annie joked as long as l didn’t take Sasha to the night club after, Sasha told her mother not to be so embarrassing then left to go home
. . She moaned in disappointment, then rolled over and started to breathe more slowly as she returned to oblivious sleep


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tgirl anal Smashers - Scene 5

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